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EXTERIOR PAINTING - They power washed the outside of the entire house, not just the parts they were painting, and then painted the entire house and trim in 2 colors.  The work was done thoroughly, including patching all holes and bird/bee damage in my siding. This was the only contractor who agreed to the patching at no additional charge.

The caulking was also done thoroughly, with scraping of all loose paint and cracked caulk lines. Paint was sprayed on and back-rolled to get inside the grooves in the wooden siding. They sprayed two coats and put it on as heavy as they could to avoid sags. I routinely checked on them and they worked hard.  My neighbor even commented on their work ethic being so good.

They continually asked if I wanted anything else done, or anything redone, but I only found a few very small areas that needed rework.   My wife and I are very happy with their performance, their price, and their cleanliness of the site.

Tim and Floy Heidenreich, Indianapolis IN

WALLPAPER REMOVAL - INTERIOR PAINTING - CLEANING SERVICE - We contracted [for] interior painting initially in November. The job was difficult being a trailer with old wallpaper, so not drywall like typical home. Very challenging to Gary. He persevered and went above and beyond to complete job satisfactory, to the point of also cleaning up another guy's lousy work. We are highly pleased and would recommend him and definitely use his services again. Gary always on time and very reliable. He even gave us suggestion on another contractor to lay our laminate floor when we lost original contractor. We can't say enough positives about his work and his character.

We used cleaning service after painting job completed. We are very happy with the girls too and are continuing to use their services once a month and recommend to all our friends.

Carol and Jim Slone ,